Five Normal Happy Things in My Life

Not gonna lie folks, today was a rough day, and teething nearly got the better of me and “W.” However, there were bright spots throughout the day, and as I was thinking about it I realized there are certain things I can almost always count on being a good part of my day. They’re all little, “normal” things, but they make me happy.

1. “W” almost always does something funny. Today it was carrying things in his mouth so he could have his hands free to move himself around. The best one was probably when he was holding a paper towel roll (just the inside) in his mouth, he looked just like a dog with a bone.

2. Food. I like food, a lot. Today I made bread using a new recipe. It only had to raise once and didn’t have to be kneaded at all. It was amazing. I even managed to do everything, including grease the pans, while holding “W” with one arm. Now I have homemade bread to eat! I also opened a new package of peeps (you know, those bits of marshmallow joy). It was wonderful: they were so soft and squishy, and fun to eat. I’ll be sad when they’re gone and I have to wait a year to have them again (because the nasty flavored ones they sell during other holidays are an affront to mankind).

3. I have a husband who is more patient and caring than the day is long (good thing too, since it has to last all day). This morning at 5:30 (“W” woke up at 4:30 and I finally got him up around 5:00), he heard me crying over changing “W” and came and told me to go back to bed and he’d take over, even though he’d taken him the morning before too.

4. Good movies and books. Today I started rewatching The Fellowship of the Rings. Those movies are the best–I compare everything else to them. However, it’s extremely discouraging to me that the guy who plays Aragorn looks totally stoned in real life. It’s true! I just need to stop looking up actors and actresses, it ruins things for me. Like, did you know Sean Bean is on his fourth wife? For. Reals. Thanks Wikipedia.

5. A nicely made bed. I love making beds, it makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something to look at a bed with all the sheets tucked in nice and tight, the pillows in a nice, plump, even row, with the quilt pulled up over everything nice and evenly, and the bankets folded perfectly at the end of the bed. I love it!

There, those are things that happen to me or that I do something with pretty much every day, and I’m so glad they do!


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