Shouldn’t Normal be Easy?

I was about half-way through the day today, and I was thinking, “gee, I have nothing to blog about.” I mean, sure, this blog is about my normal life, but no one wants to read a list of what I ate for breakfast (since I’m not a food blogger). Finally, I pulled myself together and decided we should go to the library. I had a few books to return, and there’s never a bad time to pick up a few new books.

So, I squashed “W” into his carseat and toted him out to our super slinky van. I started driving away and thought, “gee, it sounds like I’m driving a boat.” But it wasn’t till I was out of the parking lot and on the road that I thought there must really be something wrong. I thought I should pull over when I got to the next grocery store, but as it approached I thought, “naw.” But just before I passed it I changed my mind and decided if something was nagging at me I might as well stop and take a quick look. I pulled into the parking lot and jumped out to look at the tires. Sure enough! The  back passenger-side wheel was blown out. Woot, woot! Way to heed a prompting!

Happily, we have AAA so I called them up and they sent someone out to change the tire. In the meantime, “W” and I popped into the grocery store where I bought myself a package of mint Milanos and bought “W” a package of peach puffs. Then we sat in the entrance and “W” flirted shamelessly with everyone that walked in or out.

By the time the person came to change the tire we were both getting a little tired, so we sat in the car and snacked. Finally we made it home, just in time to put “W” down for a nap.

I guess getting a flat tire is normal, but it seems like normal should feel a little easier and more natural. I’m sure glad I stopped to check in the grocery store parking lot though, rather than getting stuck on the side of a busy road. I guess God knew we’d need those cookies and peach puffs to get through it with a smile.


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