Spring Walks and Lost Socks

Today the weather was beautiful! It seems Spring is finally moving in and setting up camp here in upstate New York (can I get a hallelujah!?). I took my little rascal on a long walk outside. He’s teething and the only things that make him really happy right now are Cheerios and walks. We walked to the little park near us and I held him on the swing for a little, then we kept walking along the little wilderness trail that leads to the big park in the center of town. “W” enjoyed the walk, especially watching the little stream and the people who walked by. As he looked around I walked and called my Dad to talk life insurance.

We turned around and headed back once “W” started getting wiggly (and I was definitely feeling tired). We were almost back to the apartment when I discovered that somewhere along the way we had lost both baby socks. Good thing they were from Walmart! There was no way I was going back to look for them. Hopefully some small woodland creature enjoys them.

We got back and I began to wonder if I was having some sort of heart attack–my entire upper chest really hurt, but after I didn’t die I decided it must be a combination of being terribly out of shape and carrying a ridiculously large baby around for a walk (no stroller for a teething baby, oh, no!).

I loved the chance to get outside though. I noticed what looked like some kind of tulips or daffodils pushing their way up through the dirt. I almost always find myself thinking of God when I’m outside, and how glad I am he created such a beautiful world, and I wonder if he finds joy in the individual flowers, trees, and funny little squirrels the same way I do.

Just a little glimpse into the highs and lows of my normal Mormon life: a beautiful spring day, a chubby baby, teething, and lost socks.


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